About FWE Western Energy

Based in Nigeria, our global network of relationships with world-class service providers and experts enables us to deliver complex projects tailored to meet our clients’ needs in challenging and diverse environments.

We help our clients to stay ahead of the market, reduce cost, improve performance and drive efficiencies with our dedicated service that complies with industry expectations.

Our Core Values:
Integrity, Resilience, Competence and Decisiveness

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best engineering, construction and project management organization in Nigeria.

Our Mission

We hope to become the best Engineering, Procurement and Construction organization through extra ordinary results for our customers, building satisfying careers for our people, and earning a fair return on the value we deliver.

Strategic Partnerships and ‘Boutique EPC’ support.

At FWE Western Energy , we have formed a strong and strategic partnerships with complimenting, trusted partners covering:

  • FEED and Detailed Engineering Design
  • Procurement Services
  • Fabrication & Construction
  • Project Management

Together we can provide a better level of service, speed of response and a lower cost solution. We work extremely well with our client’s term contractors and incumbent teams.

Quality, Safety & Environmentally Assured

  • Quality, Health, Safety & the Environment is ALWAYS our Number One priority.
  • We build relationships based on safety, quality, credibility and trust. This approach helps us achieve excellence in everything we do and provide the highest possible quality in our work with a continued commitment to Quality, Health, Safety & the Environment.
  • FWE Western Energy has an Integrated Quality Management System (QMS) that is independently certified and also a dedicated Quality Management Team. FWE Western Energy utilise the Service Execution Plan (Company Quality Plan) to ensure Quality Assurance compliance throughout the life cycle of every project along with a project specific ‘Project Execution Plan’ (PEP).
  • We strive to achieve a ‘One Team’ approach built around trust, customer focus and being a reliable and dependable partner.

Wide Experience and Shared Best Practise.

As a multi-discipline, multi-sector engineering design contractor, with additional expertise from various projects, we have the ability to weather challenges and prosper by leveraging our wide range of experience.

Working across multiple sectors and markets provides a number of advantages, including:

  • A greater range of experience, allowing us to apply best practise and lessons learned from all sectors – identifying ways to operate smarter and cheaper.
  • Achieve higher utilisation, resulting in lower non-billable, and therefore providing savings to the client.
  • Working across multiple sectors also provides a more cost-effective resource pool, utilising transferable skills from skilled engineers in multiple sectors, providing an increased range of experience in addition to reduced cost.

Market Leading Lean Delivery Model.

At FWE we fully understand the challenges our clients face. As part of our service commitment, we have established a lean delivery model that is setting new benchmarks in the industry.

In taking this approach we are able to offer a fully inclusive direct cost solution with no additional indirect or corporate additions; a true lean solution.

  • We are delivery and capability focused by providing simpler solutions, fit for purpose with simplified reporting.
  • We work lean and efficient to deliver with reduced management.
  • We have an integrated deliverables approach – working smarter to deliver the job with many commercial models to suit the project or client’s needs
  • We are cost effective, with competitive labour and charge rates, thus providing both cost & schedule savings

We have a Philosophy You Can Trust.

At FWE Western Energy we have a standard Modus Operandi based on key principles. This provides the platform that sets out the basis of our relationship and how we work.

We work together as ‘One Team’ with our clients providing solutions to support their growth and success, always looking for opportunities to improve & simplify. These close partnerships have allowed us to develop significant efficiencies and savings against our peers.

This gives the confidence in knowing what to expect and removes any unnecessary surprises. This approach has been very successful and well received with clients across all sectors.

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