Good procurement programs require strong planning and scheduling, vendor management, order tracking, and materials management.

FWE Western Energy utilizes effective procurement processes and industry best practices to ensure we are delivering the best value to our clients

Our procurement team offers international purchasing, expediting and inspection of goods and services. We source materials, equipment and services on specification, on schedule, and at competitive prices. We manage the process, paying special attention to reliability, spare parts supply, technical service and safety.

Our long-term relationships and global experience are the basis for our procurement strategy. Our in-depth understanding of international markets and our relationships with key suppliers allow us to provide the best materials and services on time and within budget. As a result, we have successfully delivered projects in some of the most challenging locations.

With our international partners and the experience of our supply chain professionals, we provide excellent sourcing, expediting and logistics support to our projects. Where necessary, we also have strong relationships with third party agencies who we can engage to enhance our service on a case by case basis.