FWE Western Energy

Based in Nigeria, our global network of relationships with world-class service providers and experts enables us to deliver complex projects tailored to meet our clients’ needs in challenging and diverse environments.

We help our clients to stay ahead of the market, reduce cost, improve performance and drive efficiencies with our dedicated service that complies with industry expectations.

FWE Western Energy is an engineering, procurement, construction and project management (EPCM) company that designs, builds and operates production, processing, transportation and storage facilities for the hydrocarbon industry by providing integrated ‘conception to operation’ solutions to large and complex offshore and onshore projects.

FWE Western Energy leverages its engineering, procurement, construction and project management capabilities cultivated in the hydrocarbon and power business to simultaneously execute multiple large-value complex projects meeting stringent delivery schedule and consistently leads customers’ capital investment plans to success.

We provide EPCM solutions to the offshore and onshore hydrocarbon sector, encompassing oil & gas exploration, production, processing, transportation and storage.

We have built capabilities in FEED and Detailed Engineering Design, Procurement Services, Fabrication & Construction, Project Management with our dedicated team of experienced professionals.

We have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to offer custom-designed, cost-competitive solutions to the industry with impeccable on-time delivery record meeting international QHSE standards.

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